By Sydney Solis of Storytime Yoga

Here’s to the relaunch of Karma’s great work in the world! It’s a great timing of rebirth as we move to celebrate Spring! The important and beauty of yoga in education and her work has flourished and rightly so in this important time in a world where the tools of yoga are sorely needed! I am overjoyed to be a founding sponsor of K-12 Yoga in the Schools. It was a pleasure to reconnect with Karma recently as we shared stories of our lives and work.Storytime yoga child

I’m excited to be connecting with online and with others in the Orlando and Central Florida area where I live in DeLand, Florida and also at my childhood home in Boulder, Colorado. Grassroots physically connects us in our homes, local libraries and schools and as a global online network of others interested in the same goal: wellness and education for our kids! All of the world’s kids!

We are like Indra’s net, in which the world is a net and we are each a gem in that net. We see ourselves reflected in other’s who are gems, and they in turn see reflected themselves in us. The whole world is like this. We are one! Reflections of each other! This movement of wellness and education for our children is a movement for peace in the world. Peace for our children. Like sticks in a bundle, we are stronger and more powerful than individually and we are united as one rather than alone when we speak for peace.

I realized the similar relaunch of my life and work here in Florida. The focus of my Storytime Yoga and Mythic Yoga relaunch happened since dropping out of a booming business in Colorado 2010 to raise my kids abroad. Returned to the states 3 years ago and my teenagers are now moving up in the world and gaining independence! I just finished Storytime Yoga®: Peace, for the Children. Culmination of years of work with kids and the power of story, mantra, rhyme, language, movement, dance and yoga! And for peace in our lives, the benefit of yoga for mental health and physical wellness. For education and enlightenment. For individual practice of tools and techniques to implement in our daily lives and to improve the lives of youth and families. To become aware of and dismantle the negative tendencies and propensity for violence in our own selves and reconcile the energies in order to regain balance and harmony in our own lives and the world. We use the expressive arts for growth and healing and become the peace we wish to see in the world.

So i will be blogging here about my work in the libraries, education and more!

I recently presented Storytime Yoga with the Queen of Bohemia at the Florida State Library Association Conference Performers Showcase in Daytona Beach. I recommend connecting to the National Storytelling Network and find a group in your area. I belong to the Florida Storytellers Association.  I am teaching and performing at the Florida Storytelling Festival April 1-3 in Mount Dora, Florida. I’m at the Loveland, Colorado Public Library April 30 and July 13 at the Leesburg, Florida Public LIbrary. I also will be writing about kids yoga in Central Florida on my Urban Yogini blog I write for THe Orlando Sentinel’s Hype Orlando Website.

I also I helped relaunch also a DeLand, Florida Joseph Campbell Foundation Roundtable Meeting. I ran them in my Boulder home for years before I moved abroad in 2010. Went on a Mythic Journey and now I live next door to the couple who did the audio and video on Bill Moyer’s PBS Classic The Power of Myth with Joseph Campbell! How’s that for following your bliss!

And it’s never been better, as the power of us all coming together with our voices for the goodness and happiness that children deserve, getting more yoga and wellness and literacy programs in the schools and libraries. It’s part of the Mythic Yoga work for teens and adults. To tell our stories and connect to the myths and our bodies. I have been doing library yoga programs connected with storytelling and myth as expressive arts for wellness as well as with seniors.

Storytelling has become enormously popular recently. Glad to hear! And myth in the schools is increasing with interest in Greek mythology. Glad to continue the dialogue online and bring stories and yoga blog posts and happenings to you! Because telling stories and practicing yoga is a low-tech solution in a high-tech world, I always say. The Superhero obsession is the yearning to know the Superhero within. Stay tuned for future posts on how with yoga and story!