At K-12YOGA.org, we are proud to be a community with a brand-neutral voice promoting the school yoga-mindfulness movement that has now achieved widespread popular regard. Our goal is to provide an open platform for communities of interest to connect. We are grateful to our sponsors who make this platform free and accessible for yoga teachers, yoga programs and schools to list and search for nearby yoga programs and free resources!

We are honored that some of our sponsors will be presenting at the third annual National Kids Yoga Conference September 30th-October 2nd in Washington, DC, alongside world renowned speakers, including John Ratey, MD (author of Spark and Go Wild), Molly Barker (Founder of Girls on the Run,) and pioneers from the Sonima Foundation. It will be an incredible weekend of learning with keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking in a professional learning environment.

Join Abby Wills’ Breakout Session: Nurturing the Next Generation of Peacemakers: Diversity & Equity in the Yoga Classroom.


Join Allison Morgan’s Breakout Session: Anticipating and Overcoming Obstacles In Your Kids and Teen Yoga Classes. Roundmat Discussion with Gail Silver, Allison Morgan and Tawanna Kane.



Join Cheryl Crawford’s Breakout Session and Keynote: Teaching Yoga In Schools–the balance of Secular & Sacred (and Silly!) and Keynote.



Join Dee Marie’s Breakout Session: Get Your Calm On: 27 Meditations for Children and Teens.



Join Donna Freeman Breakout Session: Yoga Games Galore.


www.kidsyogaacedemy.com and www.yogainmyschool.com

Join Gail Silver’s Breakout Sessions: Anticipating and Overcoming Obstacles In Your Kids and Teen Yoga Classes. Roundmat Discussion with Gail Silver, Allison Morgan and Tawanna Kane.



Join Jennifer Harper’s Session: Keynote Panel: Program Sustainability.

Jennifer Cohen Harper


Join Kathy Flaminio’s Breakout Session: District Wide Mindfulness and Movement: Implementation for Success and Sustainability.



Join Keval Kaur Khalsa’s Break out Session: Keeping It Real: Yoga Work With Communities of Color with co-presenters Sherita Young and Kenneth Strickland.


www.yogaforyouth.org and www.yogaforyouth.org/northcarolina

Join Leah Kalish’s Break Out Sessions: Holding a Bigger Picture of Health – An Introduction to Inherited Family Trauma, and Product Development 101.

LeahKalishMA (800x760)


Join Lisa Flynn’s Breakout Sessions and Keynote: Keynote Panel: Program Sustainability, Product Development 101 and Business Roundmat Discussion: Best Practices for Yoga Biz.


www.yogaforclassrooms.com and www.childlightyoga.com

Join Louise Goldberg’s Breakout Session: Yoga Promotes Social Interaction among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Headshot Louise GoldbergA (3)


Join Rachel Glowacki’s Breakout Session: Nurture Your Inner-Child–a time to practice what we teach.



Join Shakta Khalsa’s Breakout Session: Children’s yoga master teachers for a “mock” kids yoga class, followed by an interactive question and answer session.




We hope you join us at the National Kids Yoga Conference for adults bringing yoga to our next generation!

Explore your options and register here: www.conference.yokid.org