by Nikhil Ramburn & Karma Carpenter is about individual empowerment and leadership development in communities” says Karma Carpenter, founder of is a 10-year old community organization platform that provides specific school-based program implementation support to help yoga teacher training programs like YogaKids, Yoga Mountain, Yoga Calm, Yoga for Youth, Grounded and many others to translate their approach to specific school sites. Implementation support is also provided to school staff who are integrating yoga and mindfulness into various programs within the schools such as the civil rights mandates RTI, ADA and IDEA, and curriculum areas such as physical education and also serves healthcare organizations such as hospitals and clinics, and initiatives such Mental Health First Aid, that provide school-based yoga and mindfulness as a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). is translational technical support for schools and yoga programs who accomplish most by working together to respond to school’s needs and work with existing school processes. By adapting the incoming curriculum to what is already working, “It is a 5-Element, naturopathic, yogic approach,” says Founder Karma Lynn Carpenter, “to focus on what is working, on strengths, and build on that. In Qigong (Chi Gong) we observe the 70% rule; working at a moderate level with support of strengths without depleting them. This principle is important in organizational development, especially in schools where new initiatives are often brought by staff who are already busy.”

In this next phase of, schools have the opportunity to benefit from the collective wisdom of the founders whose training companies have countless case examples from which to draw. The implementation and translation advising is provided for free to schools and start-up school yoga trainers. Carpenter describes this as a “glocal approach: integrating global resources (research, funding, mass promotion) with local culture and unique needs and strengths. In the past 10 years, we have met requests for help from individuals struggling with start-up by pairing them with experienced regional trainers and researchers to meet their specific needs. We have nearly 2000 requests and the time is now for this community of thought-leaders to consult on-site and to Go Glocal via online conferences and webinars, sponsored by mothership conferences such as Kids National Yoga Conference, Mind & Life Conference,  Garrison Institute and the Kripalu and Omega symposia. continues to invite local sites to register their start-up successes and needs for free in order to access expert advising and referral. When school site coordinators register, an informal vetting function asks coordinators to note which training programs are serving the site, or have provided training to staff. This allows the kind of collaboration that maximizes resources, reduces overlap and provides quality assurance. More than a directory, is a force for human development, thought-leadership and ethical community development.