by Leah Kalish, MAleahkalish_ma (708x800)

How can parents help their schools start and maintain a yoga program?

Schools need all the help they can get.  So, when parents appropriately offer support, they are usually well received and can truly make a difference.

First, show up, volunteer your time, and get to know the school.

  • Who are the administrative leaders?  What are their goals and plans?  Are these goals being realized?  Are they struggling?
  • Do teachers feel supported?  What do they really need help with?
  • Do children feel supported?  Are they happy, well-behaved, learning?
  • Is there a social-emotional learning plan for all grades?
  • Is there adequate physical education and activities for all ages?

Once you’ve assessed the situation, schedule a meeting with the appropriate leaders and teachers at the school.  Present them with a thoughtful proposal about how, when, and why a yoga program would benefit the students and serve the goals and intentions of the school.  Outline your key points clearly and include how you will help them find and implement a great program.