What is the purpose of K-12yoga.org?

K-12yoga.org is more than just a website.  It is independent, unaffiliated aggregation point for all those dedicated towards the magnificent and powerful impact yoga and mindfulness can have upon our school aged children and the schools they attend.  For many years now, strong and mindful pioneers have been delivering yoga programs into our schools all around the globe, yet to date there hasn’t been one place where all these efforts can be recognized, organized, and shared.  This website directory is that place.

Who is the target audience?

The short answer is, anybody interested in yoga in k-12 schools.  With the directory search function, any school administrator or teacher looking to introduce yoga into their schools can quickly identify individuals or organizations close by who can help them out.  Likewise it’s a resource for yoga instructors who might be looking to get trained on teaching yoga in a school environment and are in search of certified training programs being offered.  By listing schools that have incorporated yoga into their curriculum or after school programs, it provides the opportunity to anecdotally measure the effectiveness of school-based yoga programs.

Can anybody submit a directory listing?

Listing in K-12yoga.org directory is intended for individuals, organizations, and K-12 schools involved in school based yoga programs.  Anybody can submit a directory listing, but will be reviewed and approved by the K-12yoga editorial board before being listed publicly.

How much does it cost to list?

Our intent is to grow the number of purposeful directory listings as quickly as possible.  To that end, there is no charge to list.  In other words it’s free for the initial listing.






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