Bringing Yoga and Schools Together

The yoga in schools movement has been bubbling for quite some time.  Individuals and organizations have pioneered many successful school based yoga programs yet there still remains a need to achieve greater visibility and to educate the educational community about all the great benefits K-12 yoga programs bring to the table.

The website first and foremost is intended to bring the yoga and educational communities together by providing the ability to answer some commonly asked questions:

  • “How do I find a yoga instructor to teach in my school?”
  • “Who can I talk to in a school that has implemented yoga programming?”
  • “I want to enhance my yoga instruction skills to teach in schools.  How do I get trained?”
  • “Is there evidenced based research that speaks to the benefit of yoga in schools?”
  • “How do I share with others what I’ve learned?”

Our Mission Is Simple: Connect the Dots has been the brand-neutral voice promoting the school yoga-mindfulness movement which has now achieved widespread popular regard. Our goal is to provide an open platform for communities of interest to connect.

  • Zip code locator: the original directory break new ground with localized school-based listing of programs and local trainers
  • School-support and Fundraising Initiatives: collaborative visibility opportunities for yoga studios and school yoga-mindfulness training companies
  • Tool Kit: Needs assessment, research, press kits
  • Calendar of events
  • Job listings

Your Call to Action

Join us and participate in the movement!.  Step 1: Register on the site and create your directory listing.  Step 2:  Contact others to join.  Step 3:  Support the Movement with a Donation

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